Seeking Alpha 2020-02-14 08:21:31

Potential geopolitical sinkholes has one fund manager bullish on alt asset classes

T11 Capital describes its strategy thus: "[We] seek out investments that have highly attractive short to intermediate term risk profiles." The firm concentrates "within just a handful of short and intermediate-term opportunities that offer meaningful reward in exchange for minimal risk."In their January letter to investors, they explain with characteristic brevity why they initiated a position in Bitcoin. Their commentary also has broader-reaching implications:"As market conditions grow increasingly difficult throughout 2020, our strategy will continually adapt through both tightening risk parameters, as well as going outside of traditional financial instruments to generate profits for investors."An early example of this was our initiation of a position in Bitcoin (GBTC) late in January. It's my opinion that alternative asset classes will increasingly generate attention from investors as a means of avoiding instability in traditional assets. Already we are seeing signs of volatility that will only increase throughout the year, as the U.S. elections

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