Coinvasity - Blockchain Resource Database 


Coinvasity started out as an ICO Database for all things crypto-related. Our aim was to stockpile records of all the ICOs and pre-sales held in the cryptosphere for future references. We would also advertise upcoming startups and their project plans.

The idea for the Coinvasity brand came about in a time where ICOs where in full swing, and we realized that we could make more impact running a brand that caters for this specific niche in the cryptosphere.

We are building systems that will ensure value for any and all associated with it. We have successfully adapted to the changing times in the space, not only working as a Blockchain database resource, but also integrating what is most needed in the space right now which is Education. Not only to provide knowledge against mistakes, but to drive adoption by Education.

In terms of the long game, we are very early. Coinvasity is young enough to adapt to the changing climate of the cryptosphere, and relevant enough to provide what the space needs.

We have seen what the future holds if Coinvasity continues on this path, and we are excited to see the way and manner in which it will unfold. Either way, we are determined to see it through no matter what it takes.

About Coinvasity Token : Watch this space for announcements about our token